Aircon Services for Homes & Offices in Singapore

Scheduled repair/maintenance service will be needed for air-conditioning system to last.

Are you trying to avoid doing errands because of hot temperatures in your area without an air-conditioned mall or office nearby? With a slight chance your AC unit requires immediate repair services we will send our skilled and well-trained specialists to your residence to fix your problem.

Our company offers air-conditioner cleaning services within Singapore at affordable prices to ensure that all our clients will get quality service at an ideal price. We provide the much needed support services for air-conditioning systems since it’s susceptible to glitches and we send expert technicians to diagnose and fix all your AC problems.

We have licensed technicians that can verify if your air-conditioning unit still provides good air flow, an extended service life and low repair costs. Our AC repair experts will also hand out great advice on how you can spot a fault air-conditioning unit so you can avoid costly maintenance and/or repair work.

Our AirCon Servicing Checklist

  • AC panel and filter inspections for any damage
  • Filter cleaning and deodorization
  • Inspection and clean-up of evaporator coil and drain tray of AC
  • Vacuum clean your AC’s drainage
  • Inspection of condenser coil for any leak holes and brush cleaning
  • Check-up for fan bearing and lubrication work
  • Discharging pressure of AC’s compressor
  • Fix electric connections in AC
  • Gas check-up and top-up service

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service

An inefficient aircon can easily shoot up your electricity bills. It’s important to be constantly on the lookout for your air conditioner’s performance in order to request for a maintenance work the soonest time possible.

One of the easiest ways to tell that it’s time for your aircon to be chemical washed is when it takes unusually longer to cool the whole room. A top performing air conditioning unit should not take more than ten minutes to achieve the desired temperature. This means that your aircon is working harder to cool the place, and thus consuming more energy.

Just because your aircon no longer works the way it should be does not mean it’s time for a new one. It’s just your AC unit’s way of telling you that it needs some maintenance care, already.

Aircon Repair and Installation Services

With our team of aircon specialist you can be assured of an air-conditioning system that best fit space and needs. Before purchasing an AC unit, make sure that you consult with a specialist first to know that right features and specializations that you will need for your room or office space. Your dedicated specialist will be able to determine the best brand and type of air-conditioner to buy that will provide you will the right cooling temperature, while also being energy efficient. It’s a totally hassle-free process of selection and aircon installation with the Billy Aircon Team. Find out more here.

Why Choose Us?

Air conditioners needs to be ideally cleaned at least every six months, depending on the level of usage and location of the aircon. With this, it is crucial to have a go-to aircon specialist to count on for these maintenance needs. We specializes in Air conditioners Chemical Cleaning wash and overhaul for the past 25 years.

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