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With our team of specialists, you can be assured of an air-conditioning system that best fit space and needs. Before purchasing an AC unit, make sure that you consult with a specialist first to know what right features and specializations that you will need for your room or office space. Your dedicated specialist will be able to determine the best brand and type of air-conditioner to buy which will provide you with the right cooling temperature, while also being energy efficient. It’s a totally hassle-free process of selection and installation with us.

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Although an aircon purchase already comes with its own setup manual, it is still highly recommended to have a professional specialist do this. There are a lot of considerations in the process that may not be necessarily stated on the manual but a specialist knows perfectly well.

We will make sure your air-conditioning unit installed in a location where it can easily perform optimally. A simple consideration is that it should not be directly be hit by sunlight especially if it will be frequently used during daytime. They will also be able to deal with the pipes and tubes of the unit to make them less visible and vulnerable to damages. Finally, our specialist will also be happy to tell you how to save energy while using your air conditioner through simple changes inside the room or office.

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In Singapore, wherever you are, our specialist will get you covered. Here are some of the signs that you need to contact a specialist ASAP:.

  • Persisting noise in the unit while it is being used.
  • Temperature not cool enough despite using usual settings
  • Taking a long time to cool the entire room
  • Water leaking from the unit
  • Occupants of the room getting unusual allergies

These some of the most common signs that an aircon already needs some maintenance or repair. Our specialist will check your air conditioner to assess whether it needs basic cleaning or an overhaul.

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