How To Find the Best Air-con Servicing Company in Singapore

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Weather in Singapore can be totally erratic, and the lack of shade both in commercial and residential areas have made it even more comfortable to stay in without a fully functional air conditioning unit. However, we also know how expensive AC units currently are in the country, so if you ever decide to buy an air-con in Singapore, it is better to be worth every dollar. One of the easiest ways to do that is to find a trusted air-con servicing company in Singapore which can assist you in the whole process from the purchase, installation, to maintenance. All these three play a crucial role in ensuring that your aircon will perform longer.

Amidst the many competing companies across Singapore, it may be quite a challenge on which service provider to select. In the same way it could also be tough to decide on which aircon brand to buy. To assist you in your search, here are our top tips for finding the best Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore.

Look Online and Look Closer

Majority of the aircon service providers these days already have their dedicated website where they can showcase their services. This way, you can get an initial idea of the qualifications of the company, as well as their previous projects. It is however crucial to look beyond the looks of the website. Other key information to look for are reviews, specialization (residential or commercial servicing), and team members. This is also a good time to check the company’s location to know if it is actually practical to deal with them.

Location and Area of Coverage

As previously mentioned, the location of the service provider is crucial in the decision process. It is important to note that there are several companies in Singapore that have limited area of coverage. So it’s best to trim down your choices to those that are either near you, or those that serviced the entire Singapore. This will come in handy once you encounter an aircon emergency.

Service Provider and Supplier

Based on experience, it is also more convenient to choose a service provider that also sells air conditioning unit. Apart from being confident about the quality of their products, it also makes it so much easier for you to arrange for aircon servicing after a few months of purchase. Warranty will also be easily validated by a similar service provider.

Visit the office

Although we know that everything can already be found online these days, it adds to your decision making to be able to actually visit the service provider’s office and talk to some members of the team. This will put you in a better position to assess the team’s competency in handling aircon installation and maintenance. Moreover, it is also likely for the company to give you recommendations on the best type and brand of aircon to choose.


Ask about all the possible expenses that you will incur from having an air-conditioning unit installed, and compare these among your top service provider choices. Some aircon companies even offer free consultations for a few months to one year given that the unit was also purchased from them. Look for similar perks like these as you search for the right service provider.

In Short

With the harsh changes on the weather, it is predictable to call the aircon repair guy again for some maintenance cleaning. Air conditioning units require regular cleaning, at least once a year, not just to improve the performance of the unit, but also to improve its energy efficiency. This is why it is very important to have a reliable aircon service provider that you can call in Singapore to help you address any issues that you may have with your unit.

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