About us


illy Air-Conditioning & Electrical Engineering is a Singapore-based company that specializes in aircon general services, repair, and installation. Our company is composed of a team of aircon specialists who are trained to make aircon work efficiently in any setting, whether in residential or commercial spaces.

With our aircon services package, you get to enjoy a hassle-free aircon installation and maintenance. We also offer our customers with a one-time unit check-up months after your first purchase to ensure that your aircon is performing to an optimum level. A top performing airconditioning unit means better energy efficiency and higher comfort level of the residents/occupants.

Our services and location reach continue to expand through the years. We now offer new services including Aircon Chemical Cleaning, Aircon Leaks Repair, and Aircon General Cleaning Service. Our specialists are now ready to serve you wherever you are in SG.