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Air-conditioning units are prevalent in the tropics. It’s only ideal because they try to keep themselves cool from the high temperatures that hit their area during the day. This is why malls are so prevalent in these types of areas.

However, we’re not here to talk about cooling malls’ air-conditioners but the problems that owners of AC units faced when owning these appliances. They usually face high costs when their unit breaks down after only a couple of years.

Experts have always said that the proper care and maintenance of air-conditioning units is required to make them last their service life. Owners should know how to detect air-conditioner’s problems early on to keep it from breaking down.

You can also try to get an expert to regularly check your unit for possible defects. AC unit tune ups are recommended and we shall highlight the main reasons why you need to get an air-conditioning service multiple times a year.

Reduced Repair Costs

Repairs will have a corresponding cost depending on the damage. When you do preventive maintenance, however, it means that you reduce the chance of minor damages from continuous operation of the unit.

If you have a regular schedule for maintenance work, there is no need for more repairs later down the road. Aside from that, the effect of wear and tear will be reduced significantly and prevent bigger problems that can make you shell out more money.

Durable AC Unit

Tune-up for the machine will keep your AC in tip-top shape all the time. This means that it won’t be affected the damaging effects of wear and tear. It will also ensure that your AC will continuously operate for several years.

Your AC is just like a car which will run longer if you do preventive maintenance. It will cool your home for a longer time. Talk to your air-con service man to get a schedule set in place so they can take a look at it from time to time.

Prevent Environment Damage

Air-conditioning units suffer from wear and tear as it operates. But, for those who live near the sea, they have an extra problem to worry about. The sea breeze carries salt which can lead to the rusting of your AC unit if you don’t watch out.

Cleaning your AC regularly will ensure that the salt won’t do grave damage on it. This is all part of your preventive maintenance work. The casing will be most affected by the salt in the air which will slowly open it up because of rust.

The damaging effects of rust can also lead to even more problems in the future. A damaged casing will allow dust and other particles to enter the inside of the unit. This will cause internal damage which can lead to more repairs.

Efficient AC Unit

All AC owners want to continue to have an efficient cooling system in their home. If you don’t maintain your unit regularly it will lose its efficiency in cooling your space. Slowly, you need to increase the thermostat to a cooler temperature because the air just isn’t cold enough like before.

Until such time the condenser is fully damaged because of clogging and you don’t get any cool air anymore. Make sure you have an efficient machine to keep you cool and relaxed when you get home to sleep in your room.

Low Electricity Bills

Even though owning an AC means you get a much higher electricity bill but with proper maintenance work, that will keep you from paying more electricity because of an inefficient machine. An inefficient machine is an overworked machine which causes higher electricity consumption.

This will translate to higher numbers on your electricity bill. Keep it from being overworked with proper care so that you will not lose more money than you should. Enjoy the level of comfort that you AC is supposed to give you.

Here is great video showing how to service aircon.

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