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Air conditioning units have been providing us with the comfort of cooler room temperature, despite living in a consistently humid place. One of the most common compromises in this situation is having problems with the aircon constantly. I personally experienced several problems with my AC system ever since I have owned one, and when you are an on-the-go person like myself, it just seems almost a daunting task to schedule for a cleaning and maintenance with a service provider.

As a result, I have managed to find creative ways to clear my aircon in a way that doesn’t affect its long-term performance. Observing the aircon specialists closely before also helped me with the process. DIY aircon cleaning is convenient since you can do it at your own time, and you get to actually clean it as often as needed. It’s easier for me to know when my room’s aircon needs some cleaning because I will get allergic rhinitis. You see, the quality and cleanliness of our air-conditioning units can also have a direct impact on your overall health and wellness.

With this, here are my top suggested and proven effective DIY aircon cleaning tips that you can try.

Foam and plain water for outside parts of the aircon

If you are using a window type aircon, it’s easy to spot the dust build-up on the front grill. For split type aircons, the dust is most likely to accumulate on the air swing. For these external parts of the aircon, a simple water and foam combination will do. Since these parts are easy to remove, you can easily isolate them from the rest of the parts for the aircon to prevent unnecessary damages on the coils and pipes.

DIY Cleaning Solution

At this point, it’s important to establish that I am a huge fan of organic products. From my mere observation from the aircon specialists who have maintained my aircon in the past, I learned that they actually use a specific chemical solution to spray on the pipes and coil to ensure that they are not only dust-free but also totally sanitized. This, according to them is also safe to use for all the aircon parts since it will not corrode them.

After learning this, I went on to make my own cleaning solution made up of all-natural ingredients including citrus, sugar, baking soda, and yeast. It takes months before you can fully use their cleaning solution, so it’s best to prepare them right after your most recent aircon cleaning session. It’s not only natural and environment-friendly, it also smells great!

Shop vacuums and lubricant for the fans

Cleaning aircon fan can be a bit tricky when you do it by yourself. But with much patience, coupled with the right tools, it becomes much easier. One of the keypoints is to have a mini-vacuum that easily slip through the tiny corners of the fan. After thorough cleaning, make sure to apply lubricant to address the fan noise that your aircon makes at night. However, if your aircon does not have any port for lubrication, then you can simply leave it at that. It only means that the fan does not require necessary maintenance.

These are just some of the aircon cleaning process that I have mastered so far. I usually do the general cleaning once every three months if possible. Moreover, I also make sure to have an aircon specialist take a look at my air conditioning units at least twice a year so I would know whether there are any repairs to be done. Cleaning aircon regularly will definitely extend their performance.

Here is another way to wash your aircon.

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