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elcome! For 25 years, Billy Air-Conditioning and Electrical Engineering has delivered quality aircon services to clients in Singapore. Our wide range of work include maintenance and emergency services for businesses and residences.

Our team of highly-skilled technicians and engineers deliver maintenance, repair, and installation work for clients from residences to big corporations. Our team all have professional accreditation to perform all these tasks.

Clients are given competitive rates to avail of our services. Works like aircon chemical wash, repair and maintenance tasks are constantly being improved to better deliver our promises.

What We Do


A/C condenser and coil chemical washing


Standard services for A/C coils and condensers


Inspect, clean, maintain, and repair


Installation and/or overhauling work

Our Price

One-Time Standard A/C Servicing

No. of Units Best Rate
1 Unit $40
2 Units $55
3 Units $70
4 Units $85
5 Units $100
6 Units $115

Chemical Wash

Type of Cleaning Best Rate
1 Unit Non Dismantle Chemical Wash $80 to $100
1 Unit Dismantle Chemical Wash $130 to $180

Check-Up Service

Type of Work Best Rate
Troubleshooting $40

Annual Contract Maintenance

No. of Units Quarterly (4x)
1 Units -
2 Units $200
3 Units $240
4 Units $300
5 Units $360
6 Units $400

Gas Top Up

Type of Gas Best Rate
R22 GAS $40 to $80
R410 GAS $60 to $120

All Services Come With

Workmanship Warranty

Call (65) 9061 0797

Why Hire Us?

Our company will provide air-conditioner one stop solutions to all our clients. Connect with us if you want to get affordable and high quality air-conditioner servicing to properly cool your office, home, or any other space. If you don’t believe us, you can read these reasons why we are the best.

25 years of experience in providing high quality customers' experience

Well-trained professional operators, engineers, and technicians

Air-conditioner servicing packages inclusive of all our services

Low rates with top quality services

Do Not Just Listen From Us.
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